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Joe Balint's modules
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Joe Balint has been building modules since mid 70's and introduced many of us to ideas that resulted in type modules the S&SS build. Joe likes to hand lay track and he is one of the best around, as proof we offer the module "Frog City" as a exhibit of his talent. Building module frames and trying new layout configurations are other model related activities Joe likes to engage in. One thing he doen't care for is scenery, while he has done some, he prefers to farm out the scenery work on his modules to others. In exchange for scenery he builds custom track, and or module frames.

Rick Mattar took some top down photos of a number of modules. Many of them are Joe's and are seen here. Not all of Joes modules are displayed here, photos of his newest modules will be added later. You may notice that Joe doesn't own many ordinary straight modules.

Rick Mattar Photo

Here is a different photo. We have two 2' and one 4' modules in their carriers. From left to right are Gadpea (2'), Phil (4') and Dino (2'). These modules travel opposite an 8' module in the same carrier.

Rick Mattar Photo

"Pebbles Jct" Ken Anderson provided the scenery on this module. This module measures 30" x 8'.

Rick Mattar Photo

Scenery for "Grandad" was a group effort by Joe, Ken Anderson and Rick Mattar. This module measures 30" x 8'.


"Snovel Jct" is a 6' radius outside curve that has scenery by Ken Anderson. It has a smaller raius than our standard mainline modules because it was intended for a layout that was located above an office and the stairway to the layout necessitated a smaller module. The mainline track radii are 64" and 62" and are often used on primary mainline loop.

Rick Mattar Photo

This is the second encarnation of "Cook" and is another example of Randy Costansa's handywork. The original "Cook" module had a secondary track level 3" above the mainlines with trackwork for a dualguage served Iron works. The upper track curved across the Mainlines and down a steep grade to connect to the industrial track.

Rick Mattar Photo

"Cashew" module has a small 3 track yard, and a dual guage passing siding to go along with the grain elevator. A fine example of symetrical track design. This module along with "Cook" were Joe's 3rd and 4th Luane modules but before the addition of the waffle plate on the bottom of the frame. The 8' outside radii give the mainlines radii of 88" and 86". That sure looks sharp from this angle.

Rick Mattar Photo

"Edgeton" is one of a three pack of 16' radius outside curves. Each module in the set is a 30 degree curve with mainline radii of 184" and 182". The track leading off the back of the module represent a small interchange yard.

Rick Mattar Photo

Lazy Creek" seen here is another of the 3 pack.The broad curve, bridge and trestle make it a favorite spot for train photos.

Rick Mattar Photo

"Barrow" is the last of the 16' curves. The green area devoid of scenery has since been covered buy a pond and additional trees.

Rick Mattar Photo

"Turner" is a 8' radius (inside) curve, notice the direction the module curves relative to the mainlines. This is one of 4 such modules that allow us to build layouts in something other than an oval.

Rick Mattar Photo

"Umbria" is the counterpart to "Turner" when in thier carriers but when set up they can be placed independently anywhere in the layout.

Below is a PDF file with diagrams of all of Joe's modiles including those not shown in the previous photo collection. The file is scaled to 1:48 so if you print it, the scale on the diagrams should scale out to 1/4" = 1'.

Joe Balint's Modules.PDF

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