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Ken Anderson's Modules
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Ken Anderson's Modules
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  We have for your enjoyment some photos of our modules displaying what we consider to be some pretty good stuff. Many people are under the illusion that great looking scenery can not be made on modules, and that if you're even going to try then you have to build them as a sectional layout with blended scenery from one module to another. We hope that after you see some of our modules you will reconsider the former idea and take a fresh look at 'modules' as a platform for model railroading.

We are going to start with photos of Ken Anderson's modules. Ken has been a member since 1995 and lives in Boone NC.  Ken prefers to model ET&WNC narrow gauge and has a substantial amount of HOn3 gauge modules as well as duelgauge modules. As you will see Ken has a real talent for detail.

Below is a PDF file of Kens currently active modules, just click on the name to bring up the file. The file is also scaled to1:48.

Ken Anderson's Modules.PDF


"Can ya spare a chew?"

Curtis Pope Photo

The details at the Elizabethton Texaco are second to none. Ken does a darn fine job and doesn't overdo the detail with unrelated junk.

Rick Mattar Photo

Here is a close-up of the local store. You can see the complete interior with everything a small town could need. It appears that the store has a new owner. The new sign hasn't been put up yet.

Curtis Pope Photo

Mules and buses.

Curtis Pope photo

This is the East end of 'Elizabethton Yard’.

The curved modules to the left are the 'Jersey curves', Ken is in the process of rehabilitating them, we are all looking forward to seeing them completed.


Here we see Ken's transfer facilities in 'Elizabethton'. Coal, sand, ballast, and liquids are all transferred from standard gauge cars to narrow gauge cars for further shipment.

Curtis Pope Photo

The photo above is one of Ken's works in progress 'Carnegie Spur' This 4' X30" module is designed to allow the secondary main (the 21) to connect to modules on the outside of the layout loop. It has 2 tracks to do this; one is out of the photo to the right and mirrors the visible track.

Curtis Pope Photo

Coal dock details 'Elizabethton'

Rick Mattar Photo

This is a close-up of a new building on "Jersey" that Ken has added some interior detail to.

Ken Anderson Photo

Here  is a Southern GP38 rolling through "Carnagie Spur". The burned House in the background is a fine example of why you don't want to use a turkey frier on the front porch...

Ken Anderson Photo

An older view of the pool hall on "Jersey B" before ken added the womens clothing store next door.

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