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Randy Costansa's Modules

  On this page we have 'Keystone Specialty Metals' or KSM. Its total size is 3' X 40’; Randy uses five 3' X 8' modules plus an add-on shelf for some storage tracks and one for the river front. The Mill complex has 2 yards (furnace yard and  rolling mill yard) 2 blast furnaces, electric furnace, 2 rolling mills,  sintering plant, continuous caster, stripper with soaking pits, turbo blower house, power house, and other assorted structures. The vast majority of the structures are modified Walthers kits, very few kits are built as per instructions. If you look closely at some of the photos you will see  'smoke' coming from the tall stack on the continuous caster. Yes we have a smoke generator and we hope to add working stacks to some other structures in the future. Currently Randy switches the whole thing by himself however there are plans in the works to allow for another operator or two.

For a PDF file of Randy's modules just click the file link below.


Curtis Pope Photo

KSM has its own fleet of locomotives to keep the mill running and they have to be serviced and maintained. A pair of RSDs, sanded and fueled, are shown here waiting for their next ore train assignment.

Curtis Pope Photo

An A-SB-SB-A set of Southern FTs roll merchandise past the blast furnaces. Also visible is the power house with the smokestacks on the roof.

Curtis Pope Photo

This photo shows the electric furnace in the background ( look for the glowing hot metal in the ladle), just to the left of the electric furnace is the continuous caster.

Mike Rose Photo

Mike Rose took this shot of Randy Costanza's steel mill modules in Savannah GA '02.

 To the right is the continuous caster, in the distance is furnace #2.

RIck Mattar Photo

The Module on the left is "Turner", on the right is the left most module of the KSM complex. The engine servicing is toward the back, behind the yard.

Rick Mattar Photo

This photo has the remainder of the furnace yard as well as the additives building (big gray structure).

Rick Mattar Photo

One of the two furnaces is seen on the right, behind the highline.

Rick Mattar Photo

Both furnaces can be seen here. The power house is partially hidden behind the forward blast furnace.

Rick Mattar Photo

Machine shops are here in front of the large continuous caster.

Rick Mattar Photo

A more complete photo of the continous caster and to its right the electric furnace. If you look closely at the electric furnace you'll see the glowing steel in a couple of the vessels.

Rick Mattar Photo

This photo has the now removed coking plant. It has since been replaced by soaking pits and a stipper crane.

Rick Mattar Photo

Rolling mills are against the backdrop hiding tracks that go throught the backdrop to a hidden storage yard. Also visable is the rolling mill yard, and part of the barge unloading facilities.

Rick Mattar Photo

And lastly, we have the rest of the yard with more barge unloading facilities, and in the back is the sintering plant.

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